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  • Popular Restaurants in Brampton

    By Laddi Dhillon

    Food is what brings different communities together and living in a diverse area helps people connect with other customs, traditions and cuisines – so why not move into a place with a lot of good food and more people to connect? Below, you will find the links to all the popular restaurants in Brampton with their addresses: La Capannina Restaurant - 21 George St N, Brampton, ON L6X 1R3 ...

  • Using your Home’s Architectural Details as Colour Guide

    By Laddi Dhillon

    Deciding to sell your property can be a big deal. Getting it ready for it will be essential. Here are ways you can enhance the features of your property just by changing the colour scheme of your property by using the architectural element of your property. Use your home’s architectural details as colour guides Choosing your homes exterior colours can be a challenge as it sets the ton...

  • Top 5 Apps for Realtors in 2018.

    By Laddi Dhillon

    Being a Realtor can be a challenging and fast-paced career for many of you, especially in this day and age. You can be at a seminar in California one day and at an open house in Toronto the next. With technology changing at such rapid speed, it’s important to adapt as quickly as possible in order to stay in the loop with others while giving your best at what you do. Here are some apps you...


    By Laddi Dhillon

     Are you looking to sell but do not know where to start? It is never too late to prepare, especially if you’re looking to sell soon. Here are some ways you can start preparing before listing your property on the market:                                            &...

  • Looking For The Best Schools in the Area? Look No Further!

    By Laddi Dhillon

    When deciding to move to a new area, one of the most important things that buyers tend to look at are the types of schools in the area they are looking into. Investing in a child's future at an early stage is the most important decision you will ever make. . Below, you will find the links to all the private and public schools in Brampton with their addresses:   To view all the ...

  • 10 Mistakes Buyers Make When Purchasing a Home

    By Laddi Dhillon

    Buying a property, especially the first one is a dream come true for some of us. Doing it right is the most important step when it comes to making a better investment. While some of us are pros at this, others may need a little push or a bit help to avoid some amateur mistakes from being made. Making an offer on a home without being pre-qualified Take t...

  • When and How to Sell Your Home?

    By Laddi Dhillon

    The market is changing and so have the demands. Which means that it’s time to tighten your belts and not just list your houses but market them as well. Your Action Plan   Don’t just list it – Market it! Buyer demand has gone up. Gorgeous pictures, separate basement entrance, the all in one perfect floor plans – buyers want it all. People take their rese...

  • Types of Mortgages You Should Know About

    Types of Mortgages You Should Know About

    By Laddi Dhillon

    When looking for a property – a house, condo, or cottage, the most important step is to get a mortgage if you’re heading down that road. In order to get what you’re looking for; the best way is to know how many types there are, and which one is the most suitable for you. A mortgage is a loan you borrow from a bank or other lenders to help finance your purchase. Ther...


    By Laddi Dhillon

    Buying a property for the first time can be draining at first. There are many things to look after when you decide to make the move and invest in a property. Here is what you should focus on when deciding to buy a property for the first time: Can you afford it? Affordability is the biggest concern for many first home buyers when thinking about taking the step to invest in a prope...

  • Questions to ask before Choosing an Agent

    Questions to ask before Choosing an Agent

    By Laddi Dhillon

    Choosing an agent to represent your deal is also an important decision when investing in a property. The agent is responsible for showing you properties, putting your offer and concerns forward along with making it the best deal for yourself. Therefore, the decision to choose an agent needs to be made wisely. Some questions you might need to ask yourself before deciding on an agent are: &nbs...

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