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    By Laddi Dhillon

    Buying a property for the first time can be draining at first. There are many things to look after when you decide to make the move and invest in a property. Here is what you should focus on when deciding to buy a property for the first time: Can you afford it? Affordability is the biggest concern for many first home buyers when thinking about taking the step to invest in a prope...

  • Questions to ask before Choosing an Agent

    Questions to ask before Choosing an Agent

    By Laddi Dhillon

    Choosing an agent to represent your deal is also an important decision when investing in a property. The agent is responsible for showing you properties, putting your offer and concerns forward along with making it the best deal for yourself. Therefore, the decision to choose an agent needs to be made wisely. Some questions you might need to ask yourself before deciding on an agent are: &nbs...

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