Why my house is not selling?

By: Laddi Dhillon

Why my house is not selling?

Tags: There are many reason that prevent houses from selling quickly. Sometimes you need to make some adjustment.


Are you having trouble selling your home? Your fabulous house is on the market for a couple of months, but nobody seems to be interested in it. You can't help but wonder how it is possible because you have done everything to make it look good for potential buyers. However, selling a house is not an easy thing to do, and some little (or even big) aspects of it can be forgotten in the process, and all of this mess will have been for nothing. 

In today's article, we want to explore what reasons prevent you from selling your house quickly and what you should do to fix it. In other words, we want to show you how to get top dollar for your house. We hope you will enjoy it and good luck with selling!

List of common reasons why a home isn't selling

Many little things can go wrong or can be done wrong in this process. And as a result, they will prevent you from selling your house. At the same time, there is a big chance that something very common is missing from your picture-perfect home, and you are losing your potential buyers because of it. So, let's check what aspects of a ready-to-sale home you may have missed.


1. What about the price?

Well, it is kind of an obvious one, but it can be a huge problem if your house's cost is unreasonable. You can also evaluate the house too low to make your home more attractive to buyers, but we think you will not have problems with selling in this case.                                                

Setting a very high price on the house is a common mistake, and you can think that it is smart to set a higher price for your home, to leave a space for bargaining. However, overpriced houses will repel many potential buyers because if you can determine a fair market value, they can do it too.

To prevent this unpleasant situation, we suggest you list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) only with the help of a professional and experienced real estate manager. This person will help you to determine the best price that will help you to sell your home quickly and painlessly.


2.               Your real estate agent is not doing a great job

It takes experience, good selling skills, and professionalism to present a house in the best light for potential buyers. That's why you need to find a top-notch, fantastic real estate agent that can provide you with competitive market analysis in Brampton and create the best strategy for selling your house.

Try to analyze all the steps your agent performed to sell your house, learn more about an advertising strategy, and just talk to him. We can assure you that if your home isn't selling after a long period of time, a good real estate agent will try his or her best to find out what's the problem and how to fix it. But if you see that your agent doesn't do the job properly, it is time to move on.


3.               Do not underestimate home staging

It is a simple real estate rule — people like with their eyes, so get prepared to spend some time and money on home staging and making your house look perfect for any person who wants to buy a property. We cannot even start saying how important staging a home to sell fast any property. It helps buyers connect with a house, imagine themselves living there, and make an eye-candy house. And as we said before, people love pretty things and want to have them.

Try to hire a professional decorator that has experience in home staging if you have that opportunity. But, if you don't have time or money, try to fix some things by yourself. Take a good look at your house and think about what extra decorations can be put in the rooms if something looks too old or too extravagant (remember that people prefer places with a neutral colour story). You can find a lot of information about home staging online and create a blast interior for your home.


4.               Your photo presentation is not strong enough

Our personal experience shows that investing a couple of hours of your time and some reasonable amount of money into a professional photoshoot for your house always pays off. Beautiful vivid pictures that reveal every benefit of your house and present it in a favourable light is a magnet for buyers.


5.               Renovations are crucial for house selling

Well, they are. And you can't do anything about it. Many buyers want a turn-key house, and one look at your late 90's kitchen can repel them faster from your house than even a black mould. Carpet floors, outdated kitchen counters, rooms painted in crazy colours — all these things create a negative experience and impression of countless renovations on the way.

That's why, even before you decide to sell your house, consider how many renovations you can do for your house. There are four main things in your home that need to be renovated before selling: kitchen, flooring, wall paint, and outside space.

As for the kitchen, you need to think about new chrome appliances, modern cabinets, and granite counters. As for flooring, we advise you to pick some good hardwood flooring in one colour throughout the house. As for walls, statistics show that buyers prefer neutral walls in white, grey, off-white, or light beige colours.

Our last point the outside space of the house should be applied to your yard and the house's facade. Look at your house and note what parts of it (window panes, roof, siding) need to be painted or fixed. Also, make sure that the paint on your fence looks fresh and as good as new. It would be better to trim the grass in your yard, get rid of any dead plants, and plant some beautiful blooming flowers. Remember, that curb appeal of your house is a part of staging, and it should be as flawless as your inside interior.

It is personal this time — your house is too unusual

There is a big difference between a unique house and a weird one. If you build your home to fit your personal taste, there's a chance that it can be too bizarre for potential buyers. This is a serious problem, but we can assure you that every house can be sold.

So, to sell this kind of house, you need to make its weirdness its most significant asset. Highlight all unusual things in your advertising strategy to spark an interest in people. Make it look exclusive and one of a kind and people will love it! Maybe you will need a little more time to sell this house, but hey, you will get your money if you present your property in the right light.

Which features to highlight when selling a property

Now when you fixed all the possible problems that prevented you from quick selling, let's talk about the features that need to be highlighted in your house to make a successful sale.

  1. New and renovated kitchen. What we can say, people love good and beautiful kitchen space!

  2. Location. Living in a comfortable neighbourhood with good schools, big stores around, and a friendly community is a priceless asset of your home.

  3. Smart Features. Advanced security systems, smart appliances, and good internet connection are new norms today, and they attract most buyers.

  4. Eco features. Sustainability and reasonable consumption are a big part of people's lives, and if you have these features in your home, you will have no problem selling your house.

  5. Outside area. A stunning garden or a yard is something you need to brag about.

  6. Storage space. If you have a shed on your property, or you have a nice basement, definitely make sure that your future buyers know about it.

  7. Big closets. Especially if you have walk-in ones — they are very popular.

  8. Parking space or a garage.

  9. Special things in your house. Everything that can be considered as a highlight of your home needs to be mentioned. It can be a cellar, motorized window shades, extra bathrooms, etc.

 Views. You can't put a price on a view, but you can put a price on a house with a view. And it will be good.