Top Ranked Real Estate agents in Canada

By: Laddi Dhillon

Top Ranked Real Estate agents in Canada

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4 Brampton Realtors Ranked in the Top 50 in Canada

(Brampton, ON, January 29th, 2020) Four Brampton Realtors have been ranked in the Top 50 in Canada based on reviews.
Laddi Dhillon ranked 29th in Whole Canada. He also ranked in the Top 10 Brampton Realtors for 2019. The top 50 real estate agents in Canada for 2019 were announced recently by The review site analyzes all the ratings and reviews on the site to compile the ranked list of the Top 50 Real Estate Agents in Canada.

The top 10 rankings in Brampton, in order of  highest(best) to lowest, are:

1. Navneet Singh Bhasin

2. Sunny Purewal

3. Laddi Dhillon

4. Raman Dua

5. Vick Chauhan

6. Kush Gupta

7. Sukhvir Jawandha

8. Utsav Kohli

9. Saurabh Sethi

10. Harbinder Brar

Unlike other agent ranking sites, agents cannot pay to have negative reviews removed or hidden and cannot pay to be included on the list of top-rated agents. The company says the reviews are verified through a process they wouldn’t disclose in order to protect the integrity of the process. When asked if they’ve had agents try to cheat, a spokesperson confirmed, “Yes, there have been many attempts by agents to game the system and rankings, which is why we keep our algorithms a closely held secret.”

Each year publishes a new list, so agents get a fresh start each year to earn their way onto the top list for their city that year. is a rating and review website for real estate professionals in Canadian and American markets. It’s free for the general public and the 10,000+ real estate professionals.