11 Best cities to invest in Real Estate in Ontario Canada in 2021.

By: Laddi Dhillon

11 Best cities to invest in Real Estate in Ontario Canada in 2021.

Tags: In 2021 the real estate market in Canada is booming like it never had before. It seems like even during the global pandemic, we can witness the perfect opportunities for investments in real estate, so it would be wrong not to use them.

In 2021 the real estate market in Canada is booming like it never had before. It seems like even during the global pandemic, we can witness the perfect opportunities for investments in real estate, so it would be wrong not to use them.

Today's BLOG will be dedicated to the best places to invest in a property in Ontario in this bizarre year of 2021. 

I will show you where you can expect the best conditions for investing and what areas of Ontario province are the most interesting for you to put the money into.

It can look like prices went up like crazy during the pandemics, and it is true. But once it is over, you will be likely to see the new heights of the prices of real estate that nobody ever dreamt of in Ontario.

So, if you are ready to dive in, let's learn all about the best places for real estate investing in Canada in 2021.

#1 Toronto and GTA

It is always sunny in GTA, and, of course, it is always a great time to invest in a new condo or a house here. Like many other places in Canada, Toronto and GTA witness a seller's market these days, and property prices went sky-high in recent months.

However, let me assure you that we are not in a situation where the real estate market bubble will burst any time soon. 

I'm pretty sure that the Canadian real estate market will not go down due to the recent events, and we will probably see some stabilization on the market in the upcoming months.

As for Toronto and GTA, they are still beating everybody on the list of the most fast-growing, populous, and prosperous places in the whole country. There are many job opportunities here, with the growing number of businesses coming to the city and GTA.

It is expected that after the pandemic, Toronto will see a massive influx of immigrants and students from all around the world. It will, naturally, sky-rocket rent prices, and those who used their chance and invested before these events will be on top of the game.

With the average house price of around $950,000 for a semi-detached house and quick return of investments, I think GTA and Toronto really deserve your attention for real estate investing in Ontario.


#2 Hamilton

If you think about investing in a single-family home without breaking a bank but still living near Toronto with all the good stuff the big city offers, put your mind on the beautiful city of Hamilton.

In Hamilton, you will be living in a fabulous, green, and clean city located by Lake Ontario, within a one-hour ride to the center of Toronto and the beautiful tourist attraction of Niagara Falls. 

The city has a very hot renting market because many come here to live and work in Hamilton. The average price for a three-bedroom house in Hamilton is about $800,000, which is a pretty reasonable price given the extraordinary increase in prices in 2021. 

Hamilton has a diverse community, many amenities of a big city, but more quiet and affordable living. If you ask me, it is one of the affordable places in Ontario, and I recommend you check it.

#3 Guelph

This city has been enticing to real estate investors for years. Guelph has a stable economy, beautiful nature, and, most importantly, an extremely low unemployment rate.

 That means if you purchase a house or an apartment here to rent out in the future, you will easily find good, loyal, and paying tenants that will be with you for years.

The city is very close to 401 Highway so that you can add closeness to Toronto to your list of pros for purchasing a property in Guelph. The University of Guelph has a big pool of qualified tenants for your investment property all the time.

The city has several parks, very low crime rates, and an average house price is $500,000. This is much more affordable than in many other cities so close to Toronto, and you get a great place to live in return. 

What can I say: it is a safe, beautiful and overall lovely city to live in! Just like a dream come true.

#4 Windsor

If you have strong connections with the USA or plan to work in Detroit but live in Canada, there is no better place for you than Windsor.

Affordable prices and the increasing population of this fantastic city attract many investors from all around the country. 

You can find a nice starter house here starting from $300,000, and many Windsor residents have a high income to afford more luxurious places.

All these factors make this mid-sized city perfect for small families and newcomers, who came to the city for job opportunities. If you invest in property in Windsor, you will indeed become a part of one of the best markets for real estate in Ontario.

Windsor is definitely the city you should look into if you search for a peaceful and comfortable life without excessive spending on your property.

#5 Brantford

Quiet and peaceful Brantford will offer you something not many other Canadian cities can: a big piece of land behind your home. Well, at least if you compare it to other Ontario cities.

Yes, this is the place for people with families who look for a simple and joyful life. Sounds divine, isn't it? But, is this city a good place for investing in real estate in Ontario, Canada? My certain answer is yes!

Brantford is a business-friendly place with a stable and fast-growing economy. It is located only 100 km from Toronto and 270 km from Detroit.

Brantford has several post-secondary institutions including, Wilfrid Laurier University, the largest university campus in the city, offering programs to over 3,100 students, as well as Conestoga College, & Six Nations Polytechnic

In addition, McMaster University offers a residency program at the Brantford General Hospital. 

With beautiful sightseeings, a plethora of job opportunities, and a fast-growing population, this city on the Grand River looks like your next great choice for investments.

#6 Brampton

Good old Brampton is one of the most popular places for newcomers in Canada, and it is one of the most diverse communities in the province.

The steady economic growth and rapidly increasing population result in high demand for property in the city. Many new houses are built every day in Brampton, and it opens many opportunities for real estate investing for beginners from Canada and other countries. 

Though the prices here are high, with the average cost of a semi-detached house being about $800 to $900,000, it is surely worth it. The city has a decent system of public transportation, gorgeous nature, and many interesting cultural sites. 

Brampton has one of the youngest communities in the country, thanks to many students living here. So if you're looking for an exciting and fun life with a reasonable cost of living, welcome to Brampton!

#7 London

London's calling! And it is London in Ontario, not in Great Britain, so it is even better.

But, let's get to business and learn why London, Ontario is such a great place to live, and what's most valuable to us, worth investing in. London now experiences an extreme rise in rental and purchase prices for property, which is understandable. 

The situation around the Covid-19 forced the government to stimulate the real estate market by many programs that helped thousands of people to enter the property world. And in London, this blooming city, property prices have gone up too.

The average home price in June 2021 has reached $600,000, but the demand will not fade away. 

London is very popular among international students and immigrants who need rental property, so investing in any house or condo here will be a good choice. In addition, London has many big-town features in the Downtown and the small-town appeal on the outskirts. 

It is the perfect place for people who enjoy work-life balance and want to live, and not only work in their hometown.

#8 Kitchener–Waterloo

The incredible job market in Kitchener-Waterloo made this place one of the most desirable places to move in this year.

When you require a place near many incredible job opportunities, but it still should be a city with lovely parks, great nature, and nice living conditions, take a look at Kitchener-Waterloo.

The place has an incredibly vibrant economy with more than 1850 companies that employ more than 55,000 people. The aerospace industry in the city is the fourth biggest in Canada, with more than one hundred companies working in this sector. The average price for a semi-detached house here is $600,000.

This duet of two cities got into the Best Cities to rent a place in the 2021 list, so if you plan to invest here in the rental property, not just for yourself, it will be a great idea.

But if you are looking for a place for you and your family, there are many options for suburban living with huge yard space and a friendly neighborhood in Kitchener–Waterloo too.

#9 Peterborough

The real estate market slowly cools down after an unseen price escalation at the start of the year in February. However, in the wonderful city of Peterborough, it is all still hot and sweaty in the real estate arena.

This city was once just another mid-sized town not far away from Toronto, definitely not as great as Hamilton or Brampton. But, with the expansion of the 407 highway, Peterborough citizens got the opportunity to connect with Toronto faster, and the city started to grow really fast.

Now it has one of the most fast-growing economies in the region, has all the benefits of a smaller green city, and pros of easy connection to Toronto. It is also a historical place with many exciting sites for history enthusiasts.

The city is the home of Trent University, and many new students go to Peterborough looking for rental properties. So if it is your jam, take a chance with rental property investments in Peterborough.

#10 St. Catharines

An astonishingly beautiful city on the Niagara Peninsula, St. Catharines earned fame for being one of the places to live and invest in real estate in Canada. 

Just pictures of its views are breathtaking, so just imagine how it will feel for you to get up every day and see this beauty with your own eyes? The city is near Toronto, has great access to highways, the GO train, and it is very close to the US border. 

St. Catharines is incredible for those who want to move there for job opportunities, but it offers so much more than that! Located near Niagara Falls, the city can be a great place for investing in a rental property for tourists. 

It is a hot spot for everyone who visits Niagara Vine and Fruit District, and you can count on both long-term and short-term tenants depending on what you would like to choose.

As for the prices in this amazing city, they are quite affordable, despite its fantastic location. Sure, you can find a detached house for $700,000 on average in June 2021, but keep in mind that only six months ago, it was below $500,000.

So if you are planning to invest in a property in St. Catharines, I highly encourage you to do so, but maybe at the end of the year or even in 2022, when the market will cool down.

#11 Kingston

The Canadian real estate market has recently been going through an unprecedented increase in prices. 

However, some cities already experience a gradual decline in them and stabilization of the market after that incredible boom. But, in Kingston, we can see that demand is still really hot, and everybody wants a piece of the city for themselves.

 And the best part is that in Kingston, even with the Pandemic's Real Estate Boom, you can still buy a home only for $550,000 on average. And all of this in the city that offers easy access to Ottawa and Toronto through the 401 highway.

As for the amenities of this wonderful city, here you will enjoy 21 historic sites of Canada, including some World Heritage Sites, fantastic architecture, beautiful nature, and numerous restaurants.

Kingston is the home of multiple colleges, including Queen's University at Kingston, one of Canada’s best higher education institutions. 

With such a bright community and many attractions, Kingston is undoubtedly the place you should consider when you look for your next investment project.


So, which city did you choose for your next big step in the world of real estate investments? Do you plan to buy your first home, or do you want a place to rent? 

Leave your comments below, and let's start a discussion about the best places to invest in property in Ontario.

But in the end, it doesn't matter where you will find your place. In Ontario, you are always at home.

We have helped 100s of our investor and buyer clients in buying properties in these great cities.

 It’s an awesome feeling making their dreams come true. That's it for today. See you soon in my next blog post.